Games from Around the World: Kids Play Together

The most important thing is to bring joy to everyone! Watch these kids playing together during our Games from Around the World, #GAW event! No matter what there background is, what's their past, their culture or the language they speak...they had shared fun moments, played and ate together! Children, no matter where they are from, just would like to play. During GAW it was clear that we don't even need to speak the same language to play games together or understand which cake is the tastiest!

Games From Around The World: Behind The Scenes

Join us behind the scenes of Games from Around the World, #GAW! Our volunteer team is just as diverse as our events! Have a look on the photos from behind the scenes when new comer, Dutch and expat volunteers have all worked together to deliver a successful event! No matter of language or cultural differences, we have all worked together towards a common goal, shared our expertise with each other, gave a hand when it was needed and shared an amazing multicultural food together at the end. “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” - Elizabeth Andrew


Sports not only keep you healthy and happier but it's also a great tool to help newcomers to integrate into society! Our last event for the year is just around the corner and we would like to invite all of our new comers, donors, sponsors and friends who have been with us this year to celebrate the beauty of diversity through several games from around the world! Beyond having fun, Games from Around the World, #GAW will encourage better integration of newcomers into our communities, right here in the Hague. The event was designed to explore sports that cut across cultures as well as playing local Dutch games! As we will play together, we will discover where our cultures meet and where they ar

Bilingual teddy bear helps Syrian refugee families integrate into Canada

Title: Bilingual teddy bear helps Syrian refugee families integrate into Canada Type: Article Location: Canada Name of Responsible Persons: Jenny Rodrigues Source: Global News CA Date: 11/12/2016 This summary discusses how bilingual toys are being used to help children integrate socially and culturally into Canadian society. A teddy bear was designed by COSTI Immigrant Services, a settlement agency in Toronto, which speaks 64 phrases in Arabic and English. This is very useful for the children to learn English, while also educating them about Canada through phrases like “I love hockey!”, because hockey is an important aspect of Canadian culture. While the bears are expensive to produce, donat

Syrian refugee kids choir performs at the House of Commons

Title: Syrian refugee kids choir performs at the House of Commons Type: Article Location: Canada Name of Responsible Persons: Alice Hopton Source: CBC News Date: 8/12/2016 This summary discusses how the organization CultureLink formed a choir composed of Syrian Children singing about peace in the House of Commons in Canada. The choir was formed by Fei Tang, and is supported by other Syrian refugee musicians, like Esmaeel Abofakher and Rahaf Alakbani. The project itself has been very useful in children’s integration into the society of their host country via music, giving them boosts of self-confidence. It has also helped them to learn English and express themselves via a positive outlet for

Socio-Cultural Integration of Refugees in Canada

Title: Refuge in Art: Canada is using art to build bridges with Syrian refugees, while the rest of the world builds walls to keep them out Type: Article Location: Canada Name of Responsible Persons: Payal Uttam Source: Quartz Date: 4/12/2016 This summary discusses how Canada has taken multiple steps to integrate Syrian refugees into Canadian society via the arts. The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto held an exhibit on Syria’s culture and history, reflecting “more than 5,000 years of art from their homeland” (Uttam 2016). This specific exhibit was fast-tracked in the attempt to aid the refugees integrate. These artistic organizations have gone beyond simply holding art exhibitions; they are also ho

UID Integration Chatroom (ICR) Episode 2

We would like to thank our main sponsor WIJDOENMEE.NU for helping us to be able to organise such a great event! Also a big shout-out to the donors, volunteers, participants, partners and to the newcomers who came for this amazing event and helped us by any means to make it even better than the last one! We look forward to seeing you on the Games Around the World event! More information will be shared soon and don't forget to tag yourself on the photos if you spot yourself! Also thank you Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF, IOM Nederland, UNHCR Nederland, VluchtelingenWerk Den Haag, Westland en Rijswijk, The Hague Peace Projects She Matters Testimonials from Integration Chatroom episode

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