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GAW October 2018

Games from Around the World is a UID initiative that aims to encourage integration through activities such as sports, games, and food. It is one of our dearest projects, in partnership with other associations and companies.

The goal is to gather people from different backgrounds around sports, games and food from all across the world, to introduce one another with new cultures while promoting cultural equality.

We had a fantastic time mixing up together, sharing our personal stories and discovering new things about one another! We had a lot of fun organising the event and participating in it, and we would like to thank of all our volunteers for making it possible. Thank you too to all of those who came! We cannot wait for the next edition!

The event was a success, thanks in part to our sponsor Lekkerineenpotje based out of Utrecht. Lekkerineenpotje is a vegan deodorant brand that started at the kitchen table in Utrecht. Their mission: "We want to change the attitude of the cosmetics industry: plant-based products with ingredients people can pronounce should be the norm. Our baking-soda deodorant does just that. It's made with plant-oils, waxes, essential oils and baking soda. Making you smell fresh all day long without worrying about anything else."

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