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Juliana Di Cataldo

“UID has allowed me to pursue opportunities and sharpen skills that have had an invaluable impact on my professional and personal lives. While working with UID for 4.5 years in various positions, I have met a great network of people who have helped me feel more at home in the Netherlands. The evaluation has shown how much of an impact UID has made over the last five years, directly improving people's lives in the communities with which we work. Thank you, UID for giving me the opportunity to learn, develop, and expand my knowledge."


Denice Lam

"I have been with UID for 13 months. And all I can say is that this was a great experience. The working atmosphere is very open, understanding and has been very pleasant and educational for me. I have gained and developed skills that I haven’t known before. I have broadened my knowledge by being involved in various teams with several projects. The team spirit has definitely been strengthened by this. This is why every UID project was successful through great teamwork. UID, keep up the great work and make an impact for everyone! Thank you for everything!"


Eveliina Koskela

"Developing the mentorship programme at UID has equipped me with many valuable skills, such as drafting proposals, budgets and agendas, collaborating with other organizations and solving problems that might occur during an implementation of a project. I'm also really grateful for the UID personnel that I got to know during my volunteering, they are all doing inspiring work. It has been amazing to meet the mentors and mentees joining the programee, as that really showed us what this project is all about. I hope that the current pilot mentorship programme will assist in creating future mentorship programmes at UID."



Former English Teacher for UID


Anicée Wagner

Former Communication Team Manager at UID


Josephine Henze

Former Administrative Assistant and Website Developer at UID

"Working with UID gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people and their different cultures and opinions. It truly is a chance, it made me grow and helped me become who I am today. It was very enjoyable working with people that are attentive to your ideas and needs especially when working in the Communications team, where you can express your creativity! Forever thankful for this experience."

"I have been volunteering with UID as an English teacher for 6 months. I have loved every minute. UID is a small, grassroots, sustainable NGO, making a big impact in the local community and in Nigeria. There is a clear vision and all of the staff members have been approachable, helpful and inspirational. I will reluctantly take a break for a year from volunteering with the charity now, whilst I pursue an MA in Education and international development and continue to work full time as a primary teacher. Thank you UID – I will continue to be an avid supporter of yours."

“I gained a large amount of respect working for the past six months with UID and learning the challenges and successes of an organization run purely by volunteers. This is not an easy feat. As a young and interested student in development work, my time with this organization was an invaluable experience to witness the back work of a humanitarian organization. Similarly, it was a very uplifting experience to see the countless hours, emails, and energy each volunteer put into working towards our mission statement and goals. I am grateful to have learned so much in my time at UID and am humbled by the work they do.” 

Ynette Caupain

Leiden University, The Netherlands

"I have a positive impression of UID; in May 2017, we organized an International Food Discovery event together at the Leiden University’s Meeting Point for refugee students. Asides exploring the richness of our cultures, we discussed our biased perception of other cultures which lead to better interaction and laughter. UID’s work with refugees fills a need and contributes to a better society in the Netherlands. I look forward to more events together and sure recommend them to others!"

Monaf Eskaf

"At first, I would like to thank Miracle and all the volunteers of this wonderful foundation. You are truly wonderful people and I'm proud of your friendship. My experience with you was very impressive. Meetings, lectures, events, and activities. I found in you all good hearts and cheerful spirits, thank you."

Yukari Nakamichi

Royal Academy of Art The Hague

"The experience with UID was quite interesting; I asked the foundation to help my art project which was about refugees and their happy memories from their countries, and they were very helpful. I met very interesting international people, my project finished very successfully, much more than I expected.

I also joined their cultural food event in Leiden, it was a wonderful evening, getting to know more about other cultures and peoples; I am very happy with Unity In Diversity!  Thank you so much for the great opportunity."

Berglind Bernardsdóttir

"My first impression of Unity in Diversity was at their Food and Folktales event. There, they truly made an impact on me; how they embrace diversity and work towards the important goal of helping refugees integrate into Dutch society. In May we organized a cultural food event together in Leiden in which we explored each others’ cultures through tasting various food and pastries. We also engaged in a dialogue where we challenged the biased perceptions we have of other cultures. It was a wonderful event from which we all learned a lot. I have great respect for the work done by Unity in Diversity and I look forward to all their future events!"


Belinda, Brad & Billie


My family and I have always understood how hard it must be for refugee families trying to find their feet in a new place with a new language and with little resources to get started and charities like yours are an important bridge. So it gives us great pleasure to give what we can - things that are helpful for new families. It also brings us great happiness to know new arrivals are given a positive start and a friendly face - and I wish them every success on their new journey in The Netherlands.


Ameer Nimri

Former Volunteer

"Working alongside a diverse but equally passionate team for the past 5 months has been a truly enriching experience. I gained crucial practical experience in fundraising all while meeting other driven people and contributing to improving the lives of vulnerable communities in the Netherlands and Nigeria. I hope to continue seeing UID grow and flourish with new volunteers that wish to have a positive impact on the world."

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