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Games from Around the World

Playing games isn't only for children and sports are meant for all. Beyond having fun, Games from Around the World (GAW) will encourage better integration in our communities here in The Netherlands. It is designed to explore local Dutch and continental games and sports which cut across cultures. Playing these games and sports will open our eyes to how many traditional games are similar to those in different countries.

Secondly the unique games can reveal the beauty of people's cultural identity, and help people who are finding it difficult to integrate or make friends, to be able to use this medium to overcome these challenges. We hope that everyone can play, meet new people, discover new things, and remember good old days from their countries or origin, which they can have here in The Netherlands.

"I do believe that playing these games will help us to remember that first and foremost, we are human (...)" - Miracle Uche C. (Chairperson of UID)

We would like to thank again for everyone who joined us and made it a successful event! Also, a big thank you to our volunteers, donors, partner organisations and sponsors like Jumbo Supermarkten and WIJDOENMEE.NU Trefpunt Vliethage Stichting Mooi Escamp IVluchtelingenWerk Nederland VluchtelingenWerk Zuidwest-NederlandShe Matters!

Watch the best moments from our last big event this year and experience the beauty of how sports can help to build bridges among people even without speaking a common language! No matter of age, gender or cultural background we all had fun together, worked as a team to win games, shared an amazing multicultural food and laughed and cheered during the Tug of Peace.