To achieve our mission and vision, we organize different types of activities, projects, and events. Since our existence, we have been very active in the field of local integration in The Netherlands and have recently expanded to Nigeria with our developmental and empowerment projects.

Projects in Nigeria

Our African Focus: In the summer of 2019, we were blessed to launch our official UID Nigeria project with the sponsorship of Haella Stichting The Netherlands, and several private donors. This multifaceted project included ; (i) providing educational assistance to nearly 200 children in the rural areas, (ii) raising awareness of the dangers of illegal migration to over 100 young people and (iii) providing resources that helped to establish some young people in business as budding entrepreneurs. We hope to expand this project in Africa and we need your help to achieve this. More information will be ready soon, including the first phase project report.


We created many of these in the first years of our existence. Over the next 3 years, we plan to keep working on them, but expanding to new areas where they are most needed.

In particular, we plan to

  • Replicate our projects in rural areas in The Netherlands and other countries, by partnering with local organizations and training their relevant staff to carry on any of the above projects.

  • Expand and sustain our awareness, education, and developmental projects in Africa, following the success of the pilot which took place in Nigeria.

  • Continue to execute other humanitarian projects