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We have invited some people to join our discussions and to share the socio-cultural differences they encountered at the working and schooling environment, here in The Netherlands, their countries of origin, or other locations they have lived, schooled or worked. The idea is to identify some of these differences, to learn from their experiences about how they managed it and to gain valuable advice that can help to increase socio-cultural integration in our communities. We provide you with brief information about them. Before, during and after this event, feel free to chat and network with them. MOSES ATOCON Moses is a Ugandan Digital Political Media Activist and a Blogger, using internet tech

TESTIMONIAL: The Role of Cycling in Helping Refugees Integration in Netherlands.

Name: Mbali Mbuyisa University: Radboud University Nijmegen Email: Study Program: Urban Planning, Human Geography and Environment and Society Studies. Research Study: “The role of the bicycle in helping refugee settlement and integration in the Netherlands,” (focusing specifically on participants from the city of Nijmegen and the participants of the organization Unity in Diversity, in The Hague. This past summer of 2017, as a student at Radboud University Nijmegen, I had to write a thesis paper to fulfil my program’s requirement. As a Urban Planning, Human Geography and Environment and Society student, I chose to conduct and write my thesis on the topic of transporta

German Refugees use advertising to target anti-immigration YouTube videos

Title: German Refugees use advertising to target anti-immigration YouTube videos Type: Article Location: Europe: Germany Name of Responsible Persons: Michael Ertl Source: BBC News Date: 20 April 2016 This summary discusses an advertising campaign created by the organization, Refugees Welcome, targeting German YouTube users that look up anti-immigration videos online. The ads use short clips from 9 refugees talking about their experiences, and cannot be skipped by the viewers. This is an effort to help raise awareness about refugees and lessen people’s fears by directly addressing them. The refugees in these videos advocate the idea that Germans and refugees can live together peacefully, and

Young German Entrepreneurs give Refugees the Space to Integrate.

Title: Young German Entrepreneurs Give Refugees the Space to Integrate Type: Article of sustainability Project “Envisioning a sustainable future with youth” Location: Germany Name of Responsible Persons: Lina Ludwig Source: Germany Date: March 17 2017 This summary discusses the birth of a German student-based association “welt_raum”, created by students from Zeppelin Universitat in the town Friedrichshafen to aid refugees and provide them with support. While the association initially provided the refugees with necessities like food and clothing, the founders later decided that helping the refugees integrate into German society was a crucial aim – and they focused more on spending time with t

Dresden’s Welcome Cafes for Refugees

Title: Dresden’s Welcome Cafes for Refugees Type: Feature Article Location: Germany Name of Responsible Persons: Jacob Kushner (author) Source: Al Jazeera Date: 27 July 2017 This summary describes how a café built in Dresden, an eastern-German city with strong anti-immigrant policies, has served as a location for refugees to get to know other Germans. The article discusses how cafes as such are an important step forwards in helping refugees integrated into German society, especially because there are less refugees in the east of Germany. While progress is being made in Dresden, many Germans agree that it is still racist, and that is why the café has opened– to serve as a place for people to

Socio-Cultural Integration of Refugees in Germany

Title: In Berlin, refugees become friends – through board games: Building Bridges through board games Type: Article Location: Berlin, Germany Name of Responsible Persons: Jeffrey D. Allers Source: ars Technica Date: 1/28/2017 This summary discusses the experiences of the author, Jeffery D. Allers, as a designer of board games in his home-town of Berlin. He explains how the board games have served as a way for him to engage with refugees and hear their stories. He also lists his experiences with several (named) refugees, and explains how by playing numerous board games with them, he makes analogies about how they are adjusting to life in a new land. For example, he explains how playing a game

"You can go beyond the sky. There is nothing you can't do as a refugee..."

Our first #IntegrationChatRoom event on Wednesday brought together many different people from all segments of the community! We shared our experiences working in the Dutch labour market, how to overcome the obstacles we might face when experiencing cultural differences and learnt about the Syrian situation from first hand! At the end of the event we shared an amazing multicultural dinner when all of our attendees could chat in a relaxed and safe environment... We had a brilliant time and learnt a lot, and we all hope from our hearts that you have also enjoyed the event! As a closing remark and advice from the event: "Never miss an activity! Also, if you know someone, who knows someone - that

How to Help Refugees Get Into Work Fast.

"Newcomers’ skills should be assessed and language lessons started as soon as possible. And foreign qualifications need recognizing or converting faster." Refugees have huge potential if they are helped to find their way! Read more about what are the most effective ways to help refugees find employment quickly! Related Link. Visitors attend a job fair for refugees and migrants in Berlin in January 2017. AFP PHOTO/STEFFI LOOS

Ugandan Man who is building houses from plastic bottles

"...often times solutions are just next to us." Meet Miro David from Kampala, Uganda who is building houses from plastic bottles which does not just help people with housing issues but cleans up the slum as well! He also brought his project into a local refugee camp where he is educating the habitats about how to build these plastic bottle houses and through that how they can protect the environment! Watch the video about his project!

More than anything, refugees want to work for a living. So why are they getting so little help?

“I’m not here to be some freeloader. I want to contribute to this country and work for the money I get.” New comers in the Netherlands face various obstacles when would like to enter the Dutch labour market from lacking the needed social network, through the lengthy asylum process to the nonrecognition of diplomas. The government has stepped in to address some issues through investing in integration of refugees but finding a job is still a slow process for many. However, regardless of the issues new comers face, nearly two-thirds of those who was asked in the article, said that they expect to have a job within two years. Roughly 85% thinks they’re sure to find work eventually. And over half

Open Day Visit to Rijswijk Refugee Camp

On Saturday we have visited the Rijswijk refugee camp, on their Open Day to get to know their residents and invite them for our UID activities! Rijswijk is a temporary shelter which will be possibly in use for the next 3 to 5 years and can accommodate up to 500 residents! Residents in the camp can cook, do grocery shopping, use the Open Learning Centre (OLc) facilities and and they are assisted by VluchtelingenWerk Nederland​. Children who are residing in the camp have access to education, too! Our volunteers has noted that the place is in great condition thanks to the Dutch government and activities are organised for refugees who live there. We had an amazing time there, learnt a lot about

EID Cake for New Comers in the Dutch Community

The Eid cake that helps integration for new comers in the Dutch community! One of our amazing Syrian participator had graciously worked on the #IntegrationChatRoomevent and had made these Eid cakes with some modifications to better represent the integration process new comers go through! The traditional Eid cake is usually made after Ramadan and during the Eid Al-Adha, without any stuffing inside, but she had changed the recipe in order to encourage others that taking a bit from both our own culture and from the Dutch can have a brilliant result! If you would like follow her steps, you will need flour, butter, milk, sugar, some spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric, anisee

People Met Us At The Mix&Match Event 2017!

Last Wednesday people met us at the Mix&Match event organised by the Volunteer The Hague! Thank you to all of you who came to us to discuss your interests in volunteering for us and thank you to Volunteer The Hague for organizing the event!

Mix & Match Networking Event

We are attending a Mix & Match networking event organised by Volunteer The Hague on 4th October! The goal of Volunteer The Hague is to engage the many internationals living in The Hague by connecting them with meaningful volunteer opportunities. They will be using this event series to foster connections between internationals and local non-profits requiring volunteer assistance! If you are looking for an organisation to volunteer with then it's your place to find the best that suits you! Also, you can have a chat with us well about our volunteering opportunities! Sign up via this Link

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