A City of Sanctuary in Ireland

Title: A City of Sanctuary Source: http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/features/creating-a-culture-of-welcome-for-irelands-refugees-with-a-place-of-sanctuary-377263.html Responsible Persons: Inderjit Bhogal Date: Jan 2016 Description: The City of Sanctuary project is an initiative started in Sheffield England in 2005, which has now been adopted in the Irish cities of Dublin and Waterford. The project differs from city to city, and has taken different forms through arts, schools, faiths, sports, or health. For example, a theatre project in Derry, Northern Ireland, connected three refugees with three local people whose lives had been affected by the civil war. Then, there are more unusual

Refugee Journeys International

Title: Refugee Journeys International Organization: Art Reach Source:http://www.creativeeuropeuk.eu/funded-projects/refugee-journeys-international Responsible Persons: Not stated Date of Project: 1 Sep 2016 - 31 Dec 2017 Description: Led by ArtReach, Refugee Journeys International develops and showcases refugee artists and encourages wide understanding and respect for refugee communities in Leicester, Manchester and Portsmouth (UK), in Hamburg (Germany), Rome and Palermo (Sicily) and Budapest (Hungary). Presentation of visual arts in high-profile outdoor city locations, the creation of new short theatre performances and films (with refugee participants), and delivery of a large audience semi

Refugee Engagement And integration through Community Theatre (REACT)

Title: Refugee Engagement And integration through Community Theatre (REACT) Organization: ACTA Community Theatre Limited Source: https://www.acta-bristol.com/react/ Responsible Persons: not stated Date of Project: 2016-2018 Description: Refugee Engagement and integration Through Community Theatre, in partnership with Rotterdams Wijktheater (Holland) and Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Sicily); an EU Creative Europe community theatre programme for refugees to share their stories with host communities. The initiative also includes a festival of theatre made up by refugees in Bristol, 26-29 March 2018. During the first year, the three REACT partners from Bristol, Rotterdam and Pal

Break the English Barrier; Wonder Foundation

Title: Break the English Barrier Organization(s): Wonder Foundation, The Baytree Centre Source: http://wonderfoundation.org.uk/refugees-baytree Responsible Persons: not stated, contact: education@wonderfoundation.org.uk Date of Project: Ongoing Description: The Wonder Foundation is a charitable foundation established in 2012 as part of the Women’s Network for Development and Educational and Resources (WONDER) initiative. It aims to empower vulnerable women through education, both abroad and in the UK. Through the ‘Breaking the English Barrier’ initiative, it supports the Baytree Centre – a social charity for women and girls based in London- where they hope to make a meaningful impact through

Breaking Barriers

Title: Breaking Barriers Name of Responsible Persons: Matthew Powell (CEO) Source: http://www.breaking-barriers.co.uk Date of Project: Ongoing Description: Breaking Barriers is a London-based charitable organisation that aims to encourage the integration of refugees into a full-time, paid employment. This organisation is focusing on not only the economic but on the socio-cultural integration, too. Additionally, in order to increase the employability of new comers, Breaking Barriers provides free English language classes, that are catered towards business English, IELTs, customer service, etc. Beyond this, the organisation provides practical help in developing different skills, like writing j

Refugees Connecting with a New Country through Community Food Gardening

Title: Refugees Connecting with a New Country through Community Food Gardening Type: Academic Article Location: Australia Name of Responsible Persons: Neil Harris, Fiona Rowe Minnis, and Shawn Somerset Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA Date: September 5, 2014. This paper explores how involvement in a community food garden supports African humanitarian migrant connect with their new country- Australia. A cross-sectional study of a purpose sample of African refugees participating in a campus-based community food garden was conducted. Interview data were thematically analyzed revealing three factors which participants identified as important benefits in relation to comm

A Bridge to a New Culture: Promoting the participation of refugees in sporting activities.

Title: A Bridge to a New Culture: Promoting the participation of refugees in sporting activities. Type: Research Project. Location: Australia Name of Responsible Persons: Source: Refugee Council of Australia Date: June 2010 (Exact date unknown) In 2008, the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) sought and received funding from the New South Wales (NSW) Government, through NSW Sport and Recreation, to undertake a research and awareness-raising project with the aim of promoting the participation of refugees in sport in NSW. The research project looks at how sport has been an important tool to socio-cultural integration of refugees in Australia. The research project includes literature review on

Refugee Youth Soccer Development Program

Title: Refugee Youth Soccer Development Program Type: Project Location: Australia Name of Responsible Persons: Source: Department of Social Services, Australian Government Date: Unknown The Refugee Youth Soccer Development Program, or Football United provides advice and assistance to existing soccer programs to facilitate the recruitment and participation of refugees. Vacation camps and community events are held to build social cohesion by enabling participants to attend regular gatherings and develop friendships. The program particularly targets refugee youth who have recently arrived in Australia. The 200 or so program participants to date have been from a wide range of countries including

Free to Feed

Title: Free to Feed Type: Project Location: Australia Name of responsible persons: Loretta Bolotin & Daniel Bolotin Source: Free to Feed Date: Unknown Free to Feed is not-for-profit initiative that advocates socio-cultural integration of refugees and celebrates their traditions, memories, stories and experiences through a number of food oriented initiatives. It is a mobile cooking school hosting classes, workshops and community events. It aims to celebrate the culinary skills of skills of refugees and pave the way towards empowerment and integration. Furthermore, the initiative also facilitates personal and professional skill development through mentoring and training. Follow this link for m

RISE Music & Arts Project

Title: RISE Music & Arts Project Type: Project (Ongoing) Location: Melbourne, Australia Name of responsible persons: Source: RISE Date: Unknown Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees(RISE) is the first refugee and asylum seeker organization in Australia to be run and governed by refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees. this program is aimed at empowering participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to positively express their own identities within the context of their environment. Furthermore, the goals of the project include: To reduce social isolation within the refugee and asylum seeker communities To help youth re-engage with wider society through various forms of artistic expressi


Title: Ourmala Source: http://www.ourmala.com/ Responsible Persons: Not Stated Date: Ongoing Description: Ourmala is a London-based charitable organization that helps refugees and asylum-seekers to rebuild their lives and to integrate easier. Most of the beneficiaries of the organisation are recovering from atrocities such as torture, sexual violence during fleeing from a conflict and human trafficking. It offers a safe space for new comers to breathe and helps them to find stability through trauma-informed Yoga classes. Also, it helps with access to critical services, such as housing, legal aid and healthcare. Last but not least, it provides English classes, hot, nutritious lunches, access

Centre for Development and Community Welfare (CeDCoW)

Title: Centre for Development and Community Welfare (CeDCoW) Name of Responsible Persons: Mr Georges Mampa Dietezua Source: http://www.cedcow.org/index.php Date of project: Ongoing Description: CeDCoW is an INGO that operates mostly in the United Kingdom and in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the UK, their focus is on the integration of African refugees into the British society, and dispelling stereotypes about refugees. The activities of CeDCoW include: identify refugee needs and priorities advocate to obtain services for new comers provide housing advise and support help with English language training and enrollment in relevant language institutions ensure children of refugees are given special sup

Working with Refugees in Thailand. The Courageous Kitchen

Title: Working with Refugees in Thailand. The Courageous Kitchen Type: Interview/Article Location: Thailand Name of Responsible Persons: Chisty Source: Travel for Change. Date: August 4, 2017. In the article titled “Working with Refugees in Thailand. The Courageous Kitchen”-Cherie Julie interviewed Ms Chisty, who founded the Courageous Kitchen. She sought her inspiration to serve the refugees from her family history; her family was living as refugees in Laos in the eighties and later moved to United States. As Program Director, Christy oversees day-to-day activity and manages programming for the families and staffs. She also manages and develops education and culinary programming for asylum

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities; The Role of Cities and Bus

Title: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities; The Role of Cities and Businesses. Type: Research Paper Location: Malaysia Name of responsible persons: Elaine McGregor Source: ALNAP Date: January 1, 2014. In collaboration with Maastricht University’s Graduate School of Governance, The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration (THP) initiated a research project related to the economic and social integration of migrants and refugees in cities, focusing specifically on efforts undertaken by the private sector and city governments – both separately and in partnership – to provide protections and create greater opportunities in employment markets and communities.. I

Ethiopia and the Netherlands: refugees and migration

Title: Ethiopia and the Netherlands: refugees and migration Type: Project Location: Ethiopia Author: Unknown Source: Kingdom of the Netherlands Date: 2017 Summary This article addresses how the Ethiopian government kept an open-door plan of action in favor of refugees and the Netherlands hailing Ethiopian’s sincerity to helping refugees and are ready to support the government in applying its plights. With the intent of securing protection and strengthening local integration, while taking on causes of migration and also supporting social cohesion at community level. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken into consideration that migration has become progressively essential and a


Title: Ethiopia Type: Article Location: Ethiopia Author: United Refugees Source: UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency Date: 2017 Summary This article reviews how UNHCR Ethiopia in cooperation with the Ethiopian Government, development actors, donor agencies and the private sector has been working on to improve the socio-cultural and economic needs of refugees. Ethiopia made various promises for the interest of refugees at a Leader’s Summit on refugees which included the boost of admission of refugee’s children in pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education. They also pledged to enlarge and improve basic social services for refugees. For the purpose of refugees growing their own crops, hec

Integration of former Angolan refugees in Zambia

Title: Integration of former Angolan refugees in Zambia Type: Article Location: Zambia Author: HUMANITARIAN COOPERATION Source: HUMANITARIAN AID AND DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION Date: July 2014 Summary Zambian government implemented programmes for local integration. These programmes had the aims of helping integration of refugees into the Zambian society through assisting families by making sure they have free movement within the country and making sure they have good entrée to education, to public services and they can find places within the job market. Charita Czech Republic also planned to run initiatives in Zambia like, training in tailoring for young people, business training skills and addi

Local Integration as a Durable Solution for Refugees in South Africa

Title: Local Integration as a Durable Solution for Refugees in South Africa Type: Academic Paper Location: South Africa Author: Jean Chrysostome Kanamugire Source: Universitatea Danubius Galati Date: 2017 Summary. The paper published by Jean Chrysostome analyses the local integration as a substantial pointer for refugees that helps with challenges they face in South Africa. Focusing on socio-cultural integration, this article points out that the international community should take into consideration that an extensive approach is necessary for successful integration, that also considers the condition of refugees who cannot return to their home country due to one reason or another. Also, the

ARMIA: Active Refugee & Migrant Integration in Australia

Title: ARMIA: Active Refugee & Migrant Integration in Australia. Type: Project (ongoing) Location: Australia. Name of Responsible Persons: ARMIA. Date: Unidentified. ARMIA promotes socio-economic participation of Australians from the refugee and migrant backgrounds; they also combat social isolation for all Australians in the areas they work on. Free sessions are organized to provide information on a variety of topics including but not limited to Centrelink. ARMIA provides services in areas such as: Legal Aid, Citizenship, Housing, Domestic Violence, Health and Education. They also provide interpreters in these information sessions and translate information materials wherever possible. Sever

Creating Bridges: Music, Play and Well-being in the Lives of Refugee and Immigrant Children and Youn

Title: Creating bridges: music, play and well-being in the lives of refugee and immigrant children and young people. Type: Academic research Location: Multiple Name of Responsible Persons: Kathryn Marsh Source: Taylor & Francis Online Date: May 23, 2016. Kathryn Marsh’s research paper titled “Creating bridges: music, play and well-being in the lives of refugee and immigrant children and young people” aimed to explore how musical plays are serving as a tool to bridge building, social integration and well-being of newly arrived refugee and immigrant children. The author made specific reference to Iraqi, South Sudanese and Sierra Leonean refugee children and young people in Australia in her ana

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