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Sports not only keep you healthy and happier but it's also a great tool to help newcomers to integrate into society! Our last event for the year is just around the corner and we would like to invite all of our new comers, donors, sponsors and friends who have been with us this year to celebrate the beauty of diversity through several games from around the world! Beyond having fun, Games from Around the World, #GAW will encourage better integration of newcomers into our communities, right here in the Hague. The event was designed to explore sports that cut across cultures as well as playing local Dutch games!

As we will play together, we will discover where our cultures meet and where they are uniquely differ! Helping new comers who might find it difficult to integrate or even just to make new friends, to be able to use this platform to overcome these challenges can be highly beneficial.

We hope you will have an amazing time with us, explore games through a different lens, meet new people from around the world and discover some new things! Don't forget to register, share the word with your friends and see you soon! The event is generously sponsored by WIJDOENMEE.NU​ & Jumbo Supermarkten​.

Watch our promo video here.

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