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Hurray UID in Africa!

Have you ever been amazed at how much good result your little gesture yielded! Has this ever driven you tears of joy? Well it certainly has for us!

In the summer of 2019, UID received donations to start a unique project in Africa, with Nigeria being our first stop. These donations came from Haella Stitchting, UID's board and several individual donors.

With less than 6000 euros, we educated over 300 children and young people, empowered over 50 men and women, and inspired many more! The stories are endless, so we have provided a very detailed report of what we did. You can read it here.

We have also began editing the videos made from this project, and we will share this with you once it's ready. Don't forget to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter, so you will be the first to know!

This summer, we plan to return back to Nigeria to train more volunteers so they can they can lead community projects. Our aim is simple, train them, help them to harness local skills to solve local problems, use their skills to train other volunteers in neighbouring countries. Together with your help and support we can make a difference. Join us today, share or donate.

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