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Socio-Cultural Integration of Refugees in Canada

Title: Refuge in Art: Canada is using art to build bridges with Syrian refugees, while the rest of the world builds walls to keep them out

Type: Article

Location: Canada

Name of Responsible Persons: Payal Uttam

Source: Quartz

Date: 4/12/2016

This summary discusses how Canada has taken multiple steps to integrate Syrian refugees into Canadian society via the arts. The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto held an exhibit on Syria’s culture and history, reflecting “more than 5,000 years of art from their homeland” (Uttam 2016). This specific exhibit was fast-tracked in the attempt to aid the refugees integrate. These artistic organizations have gone beyond simply holding art exhibitions; they are also holding meetings, workshops, and other such related events where refugees can interact and mingle with Canadians.

Artful integration.	(Institute for Canadian Citizenship / Andrew Williamson)

photo: Artful integration. (Institute for Canadian Citizenship / Andrew Williamson)

This summary is obtained from an article on the Quartz website. Follow this link for further details.

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