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Syrian refugee kids choir performs at the House of Commons

Title: Syrian refugee kids choir performs at the House of Commons

Type: Article

Location: Canada

Name of Responsible Persons: Alice Hopton

Source: CBC News

Date: 8/12/2016

This summary discusses how the organization CultureLink formed a choir composed of Syrian Children singing about peace in the House of Commons in Canada. The choir was formed by Fei Tang, and is supported by other Syrian refugee musicians, like Esmaeel Abofakher and Rahaf Alakbani. The project itself has been very useful in children’s integration into the society of their host country via music, giving them boosts of self-confidence. It has also helped them to learn English and express themselves via a positive outlet for their emotions.

While their parents learn English every week, members of the CultureLink Nai Syrian Children's Choir receive lessons from music educators. (CBC)

This summary is obtained from CBC News online. Follow this link for further details.

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