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UID Projects in The Netherlands

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The English Book Club

The UID Book Club members had online meetings on a bi-weekly basis, where they discussed interesting books and different topics, and facilitated cultural exchange between all members. The English Book Club has brought together Dutch locals, refugees, expats, and more.
Book Club creates a perfect environment for enhancing your English Skills and meeting new people at the same time. It is a supportive space where people with any background and any level of English are welcome.

English Book Club

Mentorship Project


The UID Mentorship Program is a program where a student is paired together with a student mentor from a Dutch University, who provides guidance, insight, and advice as it relates to one's aspirations and future academic and professional goals!
The peer-to-peer program is also designed for the students to share aspects of their culture and student life for a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Mentorship Pilot Project commenced in March 2021 with a virtual opening ceremony with the mentors, the mentees, the Proprietor of Shamjereth Schools, and our volunteers. 

Mentorship Project

English and Dutch Book Clubs

UID dutch book club.jpg

This project began as a complement to the language lessons we provide. The idea behind the book club is to provide a fun environment where participants enjoy learning a language through book reading. They focus on practicing their speaking and listening skills while expanding their network.

This project is supported by the Hague Central Library, and partly sponsored by the American Book Center of The Hague.


Log In here and access the Book Club Member Page 

Book Club

Games from Around the World (GAW)

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Games from Around the World (GAW) is a special project at UID. It takes place once every quarter, each time, we introduce new traditional and international games and sports. It is a family-friendly event, open to all ages, from babies to the elderly, because playing games and sports just got funkier!

The focus of this sports event is to connect people of different backgrounds together, to play games that are widely played across all continents of the world. This includes Hop Scotch, Football, volleyball, Sack race, Table tennis, Basketball, Sjoelbak, spijkerpoepen, koekhapen, dodgeball, Pickup ball race and more! Reminding everyone of the great times they had playing such games in the past, and how these good memories can be carried along to this new community where we find ourselves.

This is one way to help foreigners, including refugees, to increase contact with the rest of the community. Secondly, language will not be a barrier in this case, as many sports and games can be played by people who speak different languages and who cannot often understand themselves through words. Playing traditional and international sports and games will therefore be a new way to discover where cultures meet and where they uniquely differ.


Integration Chatroom (ICR)

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The Integration Chat Room project is a recurring socio-cultural integration project, aimed at addressing the socio-cultural differences we have in the community. We will be dividing it among different aspects of life. Food, Work, School, Family, Health, Relationships, politics, and much more.

As long as it is are part of life, we will discuss it; share our individual experiences, explore different ways of managing them, and turning these differences into the right tools for beautiful diversity!

The first event took place on 27th September 2017. 


Integration Chatroom Training 

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ICR Training is a project aimed at training individuals to host their own ICR-events in different parts of the world. The objective of the project is to bring ICR outside of the Hague so other communities have safe spaces to discuss topics that are usually difficult and complicated to talk about. This will help communities that are in need of platforms for dialogue and communications to discuss issues and find solutions. 

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions on face-to-face events, the UID team enthusiastically worked towards finding great solutions to perform the project. Ultimately, the workshop was held virtually, which enabled people from all over the world to participate in the training.

Link to Video of ICR organized by Winner Gospel Obioma

ICR Training

Experience a Culture Day 

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“International House of Cultures” is a project that provides a platform for people new in the Netherlands that struggle with social and labor-market challenges. It creates cultural exchange in a simple way by exposing participants to foreing cultures through cooking workshops for different cuisines and learning more information about other cultures. Ultimately, such integration projects help bridge the gap between newcomers and locals by overcoming cultural challenges and creating a platform beneficial for people that are new to the Netherlands.

Experience a Culture DAy

Language Program

UID English Classes.jpg

​Seeing that many humanitarian migrants in Dutch society desire to not only be fluent in the Dutch language but also to be able to easily express themselves in written English.


Some refugees desire to write the stories of their journeys; others simply desire to attain an intermediate or advanced level of writing in English, to enable them to create proposals, project descriptions, or any other type of official, academic or creative writing in English.


 UID, therefore, created this English Speaking and writing class, with the help of our volunteers, to offer informal English writing classes to support interested persons to achieve whatever level of writing we can provide.



Register or email us to obtain our weekly class schedules. 

Language Program
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