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Computer Course Project

"This course is important to me as I need to master basic computer skills to go to university... I'm really happy to be here, it opens the door to new opportunities!" - Umendu, computer course participant.

In October, we led our computer course project, teaching basic computer skills to our participants! We had the support of International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and Erasmus University Rotterdam, to whom we are grateful.

Enthusiasm drove our participants, and thanks to their hard work and perseverence, language was never a barrier. Everyone helped each other to get the most of the course! Here is a picture of three of them, two refugees being taught by a third one, speaking three different languages to communicate! We are so thankful for these encounters and proud of them.

"We had a fantastic lesson in which students were working on their CVs and felt connected to learning. So much so I had to kick them out 15minutes after time. The huge smiles were worth it." - Kathryn, volunteer at UID.

This would have never been possible without the help of our volunteers. Many thanks to Joe in particular, whose nice words went straight to our hearts.