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Games Around the World: Online Edition

Games from Around the World, #GAW Online edition starts tomorrow!!

How to Play Question: the name of a game will be mentioned Answer: You are to give the part of the world where the game is most popular and say something about your answer.

Example: Question: Three Tins Answer: Country - South Africa. Three tins is an aiming game that forms part of South Africa’s heritage. South Africa is a country in the southern part of the Continent of Africa. (you can share a picture/video of the game or the country).

How Winners will be selected - The game will run for 5 days (from Wednesday to Sunday). - You can post answers till 11:59 pm (UTC+1) everyday. - For every correct answer, you qualify for the daily raffle. - At the end of everyday, there will be a lucky dip for the names that qualified. - The names picked will win a Jumbo shopping voucher.

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