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ICR: Seaweed and Plantain chips

During the #IntegrationChatroom we will be tasting desserts and snacks from all around the world! Curious what you can expect?


Did you ever try eating seaweed before? In Japan people have been eating seaweed since the beginning of time. At least six different types of seaweed were used in Japan around 800 A.D. in the kitchen. Today seaweed is still frequently consumed and we can still eat it in sushi! In China seaweed has also been greatly popular. However, it was not just for ordinary people; only special guest or kings were allowed to eat it!

Plantain chips

Plantain chips are a common snack in Nigeria and other African countries. But did you know that this snack is also known as the banana chip in India, Indonesia and the Philippines? These chips are made of dried slices of bananas that are either covered with sugar or honey or fried in oil and spices. Even though countries may geographically far apart from one another, their cultures may be more similar than we think!

Join us on 13th March during the next Integration Chat Room (ICR) special edition to discover more about how connected we are through food that cuts across cultures and generations!

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