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ICR: Hummus and Baklava

During the #IntegrationChatroom we will be tasting desserts and snacks from all around the world! Curious what you can expect?


Is hummus Arab, Israeli or Greek? These cultures have been arguing for years about the origin of this healthy and delicious chickpea spread. Maybe that is exactly why all these cultures desperately try to claim hummus? In the end it doesn’t matter where this dish is from; it is able to unite people from different cultures, so we should all just enjoy it together!


This delicacy developed through a process that followed ancient trade route. At different stages along the journey, additional ingredients were added. It all started with the Assyrians, they made a rough pastry filled with nuts and honey. Consequently the Greeks and Armenians added several spices to the recipe before the baklava reached Constantinople, where the West got introduced to this dessert.

Join us on 13th March during the next Integration Chat Room (ICR) special edition to discover more about how connected we are through food that cuts across cultures and generations!

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