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Refugee Journeys International

Title: Refugee Journeys International

Organization: Art Reach


Responsible Persons: Not stated

Date of Project: 1 Sep 2016 - 31 Dec 2017


Led by ArtReach, Refugee Journeys International develops and showcases refugee artists and encourages wide understanding and respect for refugee communities in Leicester, Manchester and Portsmouth (UK), in Hamburg (Germany), Rome and Palermo (Sicily) and Budapest (Hungary). Presentation of visual arts in high-profile outdoor city locations, the creation of new short theatre performances and films (with refugee participants), and delivery of a large audience seminar event in each city enables the project to reach thousands of local people, that is supported by press and media coverage.

The partners have secured a large portfolio of supporting associate organisations, including many refugee and asylum seeker support bodies and many other mainstream cultural organisations and public bodies (including City Councils and Universities). The initiative will bring together refugee and local communities in shared understanding, celebrating collaboration, European values, and providing an opportunity for expression and debate.

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