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Refugee Youth Soccer Development Program

Title: Refugee Youth Soccer Development Program

Type: Project

Location: Australia

Name of Responsible Persons:

Source: Department of Social Services, Australian Government

Date: Unknown

The Refugee Youth Soccer Development Program, or Football United provides advice and assistance to existing soccer programs to facilitate the recruitment and participation of refugees. Vacation camps and community events are held to build social cohesion by enabling participants to attend regular gatherings and develop friendships. The program particularly targets refugee youth who have recently arrived in Australia.

The 200 or so program participants to date have been from a wide range of countries including Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Burma. This community building is particularly important for newly arrived refugees who face a range of challenges such as isolation, language barriers, trauma, and the need to learn about Australian culture and values.

Follow this link for more information.

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