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Local Integration as a Durable Solution for Refugees in South Africa

Title: Local Integration as a Durable Solution for Refugees in South Africa Type: Academic Paper Location: South Africa Author: Jean Chrysostome Kanamugire Source: Universitatea Danubius Galati Date: 2017

Summary. The paper published by Jean Chrysostome analyses the local integration as a substantial pointer for refugees that helps with challenges they face in South Africa. Focusing on socio-cultural integration, this article points out that the international community should take into consideration that an extensive approach is necessary for successful integration, that also considers the condition of refugees who cannot return to their home country due to one reason or another. Also, the writer emphasized, that refugees who have the aspiration to reside and become locally and socially integrated should be given the means of proper social support. Refugees should be provided with social aid and grants, like child support grant, pension, disability grant, care grant, etc.

Expansive research has shown that the social grants system, especially the child grant, can be highly beneficial as e.g. in refugee communities where families have received grants, the number of children who had gone hungry to bed reduced from 31% to 23% within 4 years. It was also examined that refugee conditions will be better, and they will be able to contribute to or boost the economy of South Africa in many ways if these recommendations will be applied more widely by the government. This summary was created from this website website1

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