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Centre for Development and Community Welfare (CeDCoW)

Title: Centre for Development and Community Welfare (CeDCoW)

Name of Responsible Persons: Mr Georges Mampa Dietezua


Date of project: Ongoing


CeDCoW is an INGO that operates mostly in the United Kingdom and in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the UK, their focus is on the integration of African refugees into the British society, and dispelling stereotypes about refugees. The activities of CeDCoW include:

  • identify refugee needs and priorities

  • advocate to obtain services for new comers

  • provide housing advise and support

  • help with English language training and enrollment in relevant language institutions

  • ensure children of refugees are given special support

  • provide assistance and access to health services

  • help with relevant trainings that can facilitates or enhance job prospects

  • encourage and promote volunteering

  • liaises and network with partners

  • undertake and encourage research, especially exploring issues affecting the well-being of African Migrants in UK

  • advocate and campaign for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers

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