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Hobart takeaway Shop Serving up Chips, Afghan Food & Care for Refugees.

Title: Hobart takeaway shop serving up chips, Afghan food and care for refugees.

Type: Newspaper article

Location: Hobart, Australia

Name of Responsible Persons: Kirsten Singleton

Source: ABC

Date: December 1, 2017

Kisten Singleton and Gulsum Haider

The article discusses how a takeaway shop in Hobar, Australia has not only employed Afghan refugees and asylum seekers, but also provided a place for Afghan refugees to practice English, and distract themselves from the stress over their residence status. The owner of the shop, Kirsten Singleton was saddened by the plight of Afghan refugees and opened this shop with the aim to empower them. With time, the delicious Afghan foods served in the shop such as Bolani is becoming popular with the locals.

Refugees like Gulsum Haider and Amin Safa have been able to sustain economically and emotionally because of the enterprise. The shop is bringing locals and the refugees together and has created a demand for Afghan cuisine in the neighborhood. Benedicte Graham, a customer said “I really like this atmosphere…It does feel very exotic.”

The summary was created from an article, follow this link for more details.

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