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Syrian refugee shares his passion for food in Malaysia

Title: Syrian refugee shares his passion for food in Malaysia

Type: Youtube link

Location: Malaysia

Name of Responsible Persons: Rafiz

Source: UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency

Date: 18 June 2017

The video shares the story of Abu L’uary, who owned a popular restaurant in Syria along with his wife and is currently residing in Malaysia. He appeared at the FAME Festival to teach Malaysians about Syrian cuisine, as he believes “Food unites people of different colors and languages.” The workshop generated positive feedbacks. Bosiya, a workshop attendee observed that such workshops pave the way for socio-cultural integration of the refugees into Malaysian society: “I think it breaks down a lot of barriers for Malaysians to understand refugees”.

Rafiz, the workshop organizer talked about his goals behind facilitating such events “The most important thing for me is bringing two communities together, where the refugees are able to generate some form of income, so they can sustain and survive.”

The summary was created from Youtube. Follow this link for further details.

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