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Meet Our Sharers

We have invited some people to join our discussions and to share the socio-cultural differences they encountered at the working and schooling environment, here in The Netherlands, their countries of origin, or other locations they have lived, schooled or worked. The idea is to identify some of these differences, to learn from their experiences about how they managed it and to gain valuable advice that can help to increase socio-cultural integration in our communities.

We provide you with brief information about them. Before, during and after this event, feel free to chat and network with them.


Moses is a Ugandan Digital Political Media Activist and a Blogger, using internet technologies to organize campaigns. He was born and brought up in the North of Uganda, a region neglected and affected by civil war for years.

He studied at Makerere University Business School Kampala Computer and Internet based technology, Marketing tools and E business. Living as a refugee in the Netherlands he is at present the coordinator of the great lakes region-working group of The Hague Peace Projects. He also free lances as a language consultant with the International criminal court and is also a student of International communication management at Utrech University.


Christina is the founder and CEO of She Matters – a platform designed to connect refugee and migrant women with employment opportunities in the Netherlands. An international lawyer and communications professional by training, Christina is also currently with Global Rights Compliance (GRC) where she specialises in international humanitarian and human rights law. Prior to GRC, Christina was with HiiL Innovating Justice where she worked to improve access to justice around the world.