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Young German Entrepreneurs give Refugees the Space to Integrate.

Title: Young German Entrepreneurs Give Refugees the Space to Integrate

Type: Article of sustainability Project “Envisioning a sustainable future with youth”

Location: Germany

Name of Responsible Persons: Lina Ludwig

Source: Germany

Date: March 17 2017

This summary discusses the birth of a German student-based association “welt_raum”, created by students from Zeppelin Universitat in the town Friedrichshafen to aid refugees and provide them with support. While the association initially provided the refugees with necessities like food and clothing, the founders later decided that helping the refugees integrate into German society was a crucial aim – and they focused more on spending time with the refugees to get to know them as a form of inclusion. The association also hosts language coaching sessions, activities, and other events. Even though the original founders of “welt_raum” have left university, other students have taken over the association and the organization continues to flourish.

This summary is obtained from the Global Young Voices website. Follow this link for further details.

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