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Socio-Cultural Integration of Refugees in Germany

Title: In Berlin, refugees become friends – through board games: Building Bridges through board games

Type: Article

Location: Berlin, Germany

Name of Responsible Persons: Jeffrey D. Allers

Source: ars Technica

Date: 1/28/2017

This summary discusses the experiences of the author, Jeffery D. Allers, as a designer of board games in his home-town of Berlin. He explains how the board games have served as a way for him to engage with refugees and hear their stories. He also lists his experiences with several (named) refugees, and explains how by playing numerous board games with them, he makes analogies about how they are adjusting to life in a new land. For example, he explains how playing a game of chess with a refugee, Nuradin, is similar to a game of war – and that he cannot help but sympathize with the victims of ongoing wars. The author also reflects on how Berliners have also come to know one another better by engaging with refugees – as it has brought them together and has benefited them in multiple ways.

This summary is obtained from an article on the ars Technica website. Follow this link for further details.

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