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Dresden’s Welcome Cafes for Refugees

Title: Dresden’s Welcome Cafes for Refugees

Type: Feature Article

Location: Germany

Name of Responsible Persons: Jacob Kushner (author)

Source: Al Jazeera

Date: 27 July 2017

This summary describes how a café built in Dresden, an eastern-German city with strong anti-immigrant policies, has served as a location for refugees to get to know other Germans. The article discusses how cafes as such are an important step forwards in helping refugees integrated into German society, especially because there are less refugees in the east of Germany. While progress is being made in Dresden, many Germans agree that it is still racist, and that is why the café has opened– to serve as a place for people to interact and overcome their fears of meeting people coming from different places (like Syria). The café now hosts multiple events for socio-cultural integration, including workshops, drumming events, cooking tutorials, etc.

The international cafe allows Dresden locals and refugees to mingle in a city which is known for its anti-refugee politics [Daniel Koch/Staatsschauspiel Dresden]

This summary is obtained from the Al-Jazeera page. Follow this link for further details.

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