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Miriam's Mogogo Eritrees Restaurant

Miriam's Mogogo Eritrees Restaurant is led with a warm heart with the aim to bring authentic Eritrean food to her guests. No wonder her restaurant was chosen as the second best African restaurant in Netherlands according to the largest Dutch restaurant guide. Miriam has been donating food for our activities continuously, so in this video we would like to thank her for her generosity and hope she will be with UID for a long time. Donors like Miriam keep us going and make us better every day!

Dear Miriam, we are still grateful to you and Mogogo Eritrees Restaurant. As you celebrate 2 decades of serving wonderful meals to the community, we your friends at UID say a big thank you!

If you would like to help the Organisation, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our Facebook page or contact us via!

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