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Understanding Society: Involved with Refugees

Title: Understanding Society: Involved with Refugees

Type: Information on University Website Page (Article)

Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Name of Responsible Persons: Unknown

Source: Tilburg University Website

Date: Unknown

This summary discusses the involvement of many Tilburg University students and employees with refugees via activities helping them to integrate into society. The motto of Tilburg University in this regards is ‘Understanding Society’, where students and employees can work together and suggest alternative solutions to the social problems we face. The Tilburg University Steering Committee is crucial to setting up the contacts between refugees and organizations that aid refugees in the Netherlands.

In addition, Tilburg University has initiated several projects to help refugees, including the following: ‘Refugee Training Days Labor Market Orientation and Entrepreneurship’, ‘Pilot for Competence Card Refugees and Law Clinics’, ‘Buddy project YOUmanity’, ‘Lecture Series: Introducing the Netherlands’, ‘Dutch NT2 Courses at Tilburg University Language Center’, and ‘Sports in the Tilburg University Sports Center’. Two of its completed projects include: ‘Students teach language classes for peers’ as well as ‘Students provide playtime for children’.

This summary is obtained from the Tilburg University website. Follow this link for further details.

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