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Sofar Sounds (A Global Music Community)

Title: Sofar Sounds (A Global Music Community)

Type: Social Media Platform: Facebook Page

Location: Global concerts, but began in London, England

Name of Responsible Persons: Unknown

Source: Sofar Sounds

Date: Founded in April 2009

This summary briefly describes Sofar Sounds and the tasks and events it has hosted since its founding in 2009 by three young artists in London. Sofar Sounds is unique in that it grants artists and music lovers the chance to mingle and hold mini concerts in tightly packed living rooms. Although the community is young, the music shows sponsored by Sofar Sounds and Amnesty International have taken place in over 300 cities globally. The latest event they are sponsoring will take place on the 20th of September for an entire day, with over 300 gigs taking place in sixty countries.

This event titled Give a Home: A Global Day of Secret Gigs is unique because it specifically encourages the mingling of refugees and musicians within their communities whilst encouraging people to bond over their mutual love of music.

This summary is obtained from the Facebook page of Sofar Sounds. Follow this link for further details.

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