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Refugee Project Maastricht

Title: Refugee Project Maastricht

Type: Social Media Platform: Facebook Page

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Name of Responsible Persons: Unknown

Source: Refugee Project Maastricht

Date: Unknown (Founded in February 2015)

This summary briefly discusses the history of the local organization, The Refugee Project Maastricht, and discusses some of their upcoming events/tasks concerning refugees. The organization aims to bring locals, students, and refugees together to further tolerance and the socio-cultural integration of the refugees.

On the 6th of September, the Refugee Project Maastricht will be at the Get Involved! Information Market at the Student Service Centre in Maastricht where its members will be answering questions and talking about their upcoming events. The organization is also involved in Connect Festival for Social Responsibility day on the 21st of September. On August 19th, they were involved with the Stand up for Afghans’ Event where they gave out and taught people to make origami tulips in order to raise awareness about deportations in Afghanistan.

This summary is obtained from the Refugee Project Maastricht’s Facebook Platform. Follow this link for further details.

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