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Refugee School Impact Grant

Title: Refugee School Impact Grant

Type: Article (Grant)

Location: Seattle, Washington

Name of Responsible Persons: Kai-Chin Chan, Student and Family Advocate

Source: Hayes Seattle Schools

Date: Uncertain

The purpose behind the Refugee School Impact Grant (RSIG) funding is to help refugees, and specifically refugee children aged between 5 to 21 who have been in the country for three years, to integrate into schools. The intent of this Grant is to help refugees and their families adjust within academic environments, and to strengthen the involvement of refugee parents with their children’s schools and their involvement within their communities as a whole.

The activities that refugee students engage in are meant to increase their proficiency in the English language, give them important skills, help them integrate holistically, and support them in receiving their credits so they can successfully graduate from high school.

This summary is created from information found on the following Link.

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