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Music Against Borders Wants Your Instruments For Refugees

Title: Music Against Borders wants your instruments for refugees

Type: Article

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Name of Responsible Persons: Shaun Curnow

Source: Timeout (Blog)

Date: Thursday September 17, 2015

This article discusses how musical instruments donated by locals and others in Bristol will be used by migrants and refugees in Calais through the organization Music Against Borders. It will be distributed among-st those who already play an instrument, those who wish to learn, and also helps in the hosting of music-making workshops held within refugee camps. One of the primary aims of Music Against Borders is to create a cultural exchange of music and help migrant musicians become successful within the UK, as well as initiate a migrant’s orchestra project.

This summary was created from an article on a blog; kindly follow this link for more details.

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