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9 Children’s Representations of Cultural Scripts in Play.

Title: 9 Children’s Representations of Cultural Scripts in Play: Facilitating Transition from Home to Preschool in an Intercultural Early Learning Program for Refugee Children

Type: Extract of Chapter from book

Location: Canada

Name of Responsible Persons: Anna Kirova

Source: Re-Situating Canadian Early Childhood Education by Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw and Larry Prochner

Date: Book published in 2013

The extract of the chapter discusses how children can become involved in plays as a cultural activity that will aid their transition from home to primary school. This study challenges the idea that play should be “culture-free” and will result in the development of a child that is less culturally-inclined and hence deemed to be a “universal” child.

The author of this chapter argues that an intercultural approach to plays and to education is important and beneficial both to the children and the adults involved in this process. It aids in the preservation of the culture of both parties while also creating a common culture shared between the participants.

This summary was created from information found on the following link.

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