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Let’s Talk Stereotypes

On the 20th of June, UID was invited by the Hague Peace Projects to give a workshop on socio-cultural integration of refugees, we chose to title the workshop “ Let’s Talk Stereotypes” . During the workshop, we started by introducing ourselves to one another; as typical of The Hague, we had people from several nationalities represented in the room.

After the brief introduction, we shared with each other how to say Hello in different languages; some of which are represented below;

Kurmanji Kurdish: Rojbash

Swahili: Mambo!

Igbo (Anambara dialect) Nno

Zimbabwe: Mangwanani (Which means good morning)

And our very own Dutch Language: Hoi!

We then proceeded to why we chose to discuss stereotypes; the main reason being that it plays a great role in slowing down the integration of refugees in the world as a whole. Participants shared their views about this; people shared different words that come to their mind when they hear the word stereotype. Examples of such words are represented in the picture below.

When asked about how stereotypes affect integration of refugees in the Netherlands, participants stated that the different stereotypical ways in which refugees are portrayed or viewed, majorly plays an adverse role in integration.

To see pictures and videos from our “ Let’s Talk Stereotype” workshop, visit our social media pages on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter via @uidnetherlands

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