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MUCT is not simply an online platform, but it is a community – educators, diversity officers, admissions officers, student groups and associations, cultural groups, language schools, and nonprofits who join their efforts to assist, promote inclusion of refugee students, and inspire colleagues to do the same on their campuses.

MUCT was born from a gap identified in the needs of refugee university level students; oftentimes these students face challenges that leads to difficulties in connecting with the campus community. This in turn, is likely to affect their success rate in school. Those who dropout oftentimes do so, not because they are not brilliant, but because they do not have the needed socio-cultural and educational support to reach their potential. Understanding therefore that students of today will be leaders of tomorrow, we want to promote inclusion in Dutch society for future generations, by contributing to the successful education of refugee students, which will in turn foster diversity across all Dutch institutions.

The goal of this project is to give refugees a better opportunity to start and finish their studies in Dutch institutions of higher education, thereby reducing the dropout rate, and to help build their social network for support and sustainable integration into the Dutch society.

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