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GAW: Fried rice and Greek salad

During the #GAW we will be tasting desserts and snacks from all around the world! Curious what you can expect?

Fried rice

In Nigeria fried rice is a necessary ingredient for any successful party! This dish is also a favorite in many other countries across the globe; showing how food is able to connect different cultures with one another. Even though fried rice comes in many different varieties, at GAW we will be enjoying the traditional Nigerian version.

Greek salad

Did you know that the Greeks invented the tradition of eating salads at the start of their meals? The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates believed that eating a salad before a meal would be healthy and beneficial for digestion. Do you think that the delicious Greek salad, complete with fresh tomatoes and feta, would have been here without this invention?

Join us on 17th March during the next Games from Around the World (GAW) by signing up on to discover more about how connected we are through food that cuts across cultures and generations!

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