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Taylor Love Says Goodbye!

My name is Taylor Love and I was an exchange student from the United States studying at the Hague University. I decided to volunteer with Unity in Diversity to teach English while I was completing my studies, because I thought it would be a great way to connect more with the community I was living in. I had an amazing experience with UID both volunteering at an event and teaching English twice a week. While I had some teaching experience, I had not specifically taught English and was a little nervous to start doing so.

However, Miracle Uche was very receptive and made the transition very easy and the UID staff was always very warm and welcoming. I absolutely loved teaching English with this organization and met the loveliest people during my time there. In the class we worked hard, but we also had fun, constantly laughing and enjoying our time in the classroom. I am very thankful to UID and my students for creating a pleasant and fun environment and will always cherish my time spent working with a group of passionate and wonderful people.

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