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Ethiopia and the Netherlands: refugees and migration

Title: Ethiopia and the Netherlands: refugees and migration Type: Project Location: Ethiopia Author: Unknown Source: Kingdom of the Netherlands Date: 2017


This article addresses how the Ethiopian government kept an open-door plan of action in favor of refugees and the Netherlands hailing Ethiopian’s sincerity to helping refugees and are ready to support the government in applying its plights. With the intent of securing protection and strengthening local integration, while taking on causes of migration and also supporting social cohesion at community level.

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken into consideration that migration has become progressively essential and are working on long-lasting solutions for refugees and their host countries. In Ethiopia, the Regional Development and Protection Program (RDPP) which is led by the Netherlands intends to give comprehensive solutions for refugees and their host communities, with a focus on education, water, energy, protection and livelihoods. It’s a progressive and evidence based approach that supports a more organized and sustainable interference, greater independency and integrated solutions for refugees and host communities.

This summary was created from information found on The Kingdom of Netherlands website.

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