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A Jakarta School Teams up with Refugee Youth to Share Knowledge

Title: A Jakarta school teams up with refugee youth to share knowledge

Type: Article

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Name of responsible persons:

Source: UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency

Date: June 16, 2017.

The article discusses a day-long event led by Academic Colleges Group (ACG) School Jakarta. ACG welcomed 20 refugee youth from Afghanistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka to join its classes on arts, science, sports and music. Two interpreters- in Afghan and Somali- were deployed to ensure smooth communication between teachers, ACG students and their guests in all activities.

While making the artwork, the students and refugees were seen engaging in conversations. Some language barriers were spotted but this did not create a problem for 10th grader Alisha, “I have no problem with the language barrier, we understand each other and it’s [the activities] fun,” said Aisha, who partnered with an Afghan girl, Aliya.

The event created an impact as it witnessed forming of new friendship, and an understanding of the struggles experienced by refugees. “It was more than inspirational to have learnt that the people I met today were so strong even after all that they went through. The hardship that they experienced doesn’t keep them from doing the best, and I am so blessed to have learnt so much about the small experiences of the girl I was partnered with, she taught me what I would have never knew in such a small time.” said Ariya, a 14-year-old ACG student.

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