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Two Brussels organisations helping refugees integrate and be independent

"These people come with skills but don't know how to adapt these to the requirements of the local job market. In Brussels it might be more formal, so talking with mentors might give the mentees the chance to translate their skills to the local market."

'Duo for a Job' facilitates inter generational mentoring for young refugees and immigrants to help them to find employment. Mentees are paired with mentors who have been retired from the sector that mentees are interested in finding a job. Mentoring is highly beneficial as it helps new comers to translate their existing skills into the host country's labour market.

'Refugees Got Talent' on the other hand, helps refugee integration through art!

"Art is universal. It has no language and no religion. It’s neutral and can help build bridges."

The NGO offers a save place for new comers to practice their art again and mingle with other artists where they can exchange their ideas and meet with people from all around the world. That can help to bulid up their support network and improve integration outcomes.

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