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Football a Refuge for Children who Seek Asylum in Australia.

Title: Football a refuge for children who seek asylum in Australia.

Type: Article

Location: Australia

Name of responsible persons:


Date: 01 December 2017.

The article discusses how football is facilitating socio-cultural integration of refugee children in Australia. It narrates the stories of refugee children who were empowered through Football United, a programme helping refugees integrate in Australia. One example is that of Athmar Habeb , who fled Iraq before 4 years at the age of 12 and spoke no English. Her life changed when she joined Football United. Not only she overcame linguistic barriers, but also cultural barriers and made new friends.

Thaljieh, the co-founder and first-ever captain of the Palestinian women's national football team, told AFP at a recent “gala day” about how sports is such a powerful tool for inclusion: "Sports in general and specifically football is the best tool for young adults, for children, for boys and for girls because the game itself is about inclusion. It's about bringing people together."

The summary is based on an article from Channel News Asia’s Website. Follow this link for more information.

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