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Writing IELTS exam isn't only about speaking English, but also about being able to follow the techniques, to keep to the time, and meet your score cut off. Many new comers desire to take the IELTS exam, either as a way of proving their English language skills, in order to pursue an academic purpose, or for professional purposes. Whatever the case, our volunteers have made it possible for our participants to prepare for the real test, by administering a practice IELTS exam.​This practice exam, just like our English classes, is free.

The participants who took advantage of our practice IELTS exam were grateful for this opportunity, as most of them are better prepared for the real exam, while others have a deeper understanding of their areas of weaknesses, in order to be better prepared.

Our volunteer examiners will publish this result before September ending, and will go over the results with candidates.

We want to say thank you to them!


"So far this English class has improved my writing skills like learning more on how to use comparatives and linking words. I think the method of teaching is also understandable and easy to follow up." - Abraham

"I think this course is very important for me because I can improve my English and I feel I'm very happy that I can learn new things, skills and develop myself." - Enas

"I like this course. I feel it’s better than before. It’s a good teacher and so nice.” We play a lot of games and we have fun with each other. The teacher tries to make the students learn fast." - Muhammad

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