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EWSI – Netherlands

Title: EWSI – Netherlands

Type: Social Media Platform: Twitter

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Name of Responsible Persons: Unknown

Source: EWSI - Netherlands

Date: Unknown (Twitter Account created in May 2013)

This summary aims to briefly describe the European Website on Integration (EWSI) and its specific insights into the process of refugee integration within the Netherlands as a whole. A more recent tweet by EWSI – Netherlands concerns an action taken by the European Commission so that the fifty or so integration initiatives taking place within the EU can be monitored via an online dashboard.

This concerns basic information pertaining to refugees and their education, labor contribution, basic services, social inclusion, and overall coordination. The page also has several updates on the refugee crisis, pro-refugee initiatives, and other related news articles.

This summary is obtained from the official twitter account of EWSI - Netherlands. Follow this link for further details.

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