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UID Integration Bike Tours

UID found a fun Dutch way to explore the city – Bike Tour. Participants will be able to visit historical, cultural, and recreational parts of the city to find out more with tour guides help about the area they live in. The Bike Tour brings together everyone, Dutch people, refugees, and foreigners, who live in the same city for socializing, networking, and sharing information. Considering that traditional food and drink is always the best way for cross-cultural exchanges, participants will be able to try multicultural cuisines. 

UID Summer Bike Tour 9.jpeg

Target Group and Participants

The event is open for everyone (aged from 14) who lives in the Netherlands, permanently or temporarily: refugees, locals, tourists.


  • To help participants explore historical, cultural, and recreational areas of The Hague. 

  • To enhance participants’ interests to find more information about Dutch historical and cultural heritage. 

  • To give new opportunities to participants for networking and socializing, meanwhile tasting foods and drinks around the world.

Expected Results

Participants find out more information about the area they live in, learn about The Netherland’s history and culture, meet new people and make contacts.
Also, they will share information and experience about different aspects of their individual interests.

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