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Miracle C. Uche


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Miracle is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Law, Jersey, the Channel Islands where she teaches EU law, and criminal law of England and Wales. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Essex School of Law where she also served as an Assistant Lecturer, teaching Law of the European Union. Miracle previously taught criminal law of England and Wales at the University of Essex International College. 

She also worked as an intern with the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the Legal Representative of the Victims (LRV) at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. 


Miracle obtained her Master’s degree in Public International Law from Leiden University, The Netherlands in 2016, and a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Girne American University, Cyprus in 2014.

She has a passion for contributing to lasting solutions to humanitarian issues across the world, starting with Europe and Africa.

George  Didel

Advisory Member

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George Chamlong Didel is a professional Immigration Officer and Head of Consular at The Nigeria Embassy in The Hague, The Netherlands. A Masters Degree holder in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in pursuance of his craving for human rights, peace, and justice.


George is a lover of humanitarian activities, and he would like to see a man be a keeper of a fellow human being who is helpless and in need of food and shelter. He is an ardent supporter of integration of refugees and other displaced persons in Africa, Europe and across the world. 

Olayinka Salako


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Olayinka is an Accounting professional who currently works with one of the top organizations in the Shipping and Logistics Industry.


She has a Master’s degree in Economics of Public Policy and Management from Utrecht University in the Netherlands; she is passionate about causes that promote excellence and cater to all areas of human development. UID serves as one of the platforms on which she believes will have an impactful contribution to the society at large. 

Adewale Adeniyi

Advisory Member

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Adewale is an Engineer by profession; he has worked in this field and in the business field for nearly 2 decades, with several top players in the oil industry.


Adewale has volunteered and continues to volunteer for humanitarian projects of all different kinds across Africa, Europe and the rest of the world. His passion for true human development and progress continues to inspire him to support projects and foundations such as Unity In Diversity. For him, the ultimate salvation of the human soul is paramount. 

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Viva Musa


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Viva Musa has a background in Business Management. She currently consults with an NGO in the Public Health Supply Chain space in Nigeria.

She is passionate about Children and their development, and currently volunteers for several Humanitarian Projects in Nigeria where the need is great, especially in the NorthEastern regions where terrorism is ravaging the area.

She hopes to further specialise in Humanitarian Logistics and Health Welfare  to impact Nigeria, and Africa as a whole.

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