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Meet the Founder

"My name is Miracle Chinwenmeri Uche and I’m the Founder and Chairperson of the Board at Unity in Diversity. 


Humanitarian work has always been dear to me, mainly because as a Christian, I have been taught to love and cherish people, and to care for those in need, it is now my life’s mission. I found growing up in a Christian home an inspiring and rewarding experience, because I was able to witness my family, both immediate and extended, working on several projects together on a day to day basis, where they offered their support financially, technically, and morally to those who needed it, and still do. My family's commitment continues to fuel my passion to work with those less fortunate. 


When I was a child I attended a family (missionary) school, where I and other less privileged children didn’t have to pay any fees to obtain quality and Godly education. Because of my childhood experience, it was only natural that I give back and support schools such as Shamjereth School, which is founded and run by my aunt Mrs Chinyere C. Uduku, and supported by other selfless teachers. Like my missionary school, Shamjereth School is allowing many children to obtain quality education for little or no cost. I am particularly interested in the success of this project and others like it because I truly believe they inspire, affect and elevate people."


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people’’

- John Holmes

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