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GAW: Bienenstich and Borrelhapjes

During the #GAW we will be tasting desserts and snacks from all around the world! Curious what you can expect?


Did you know that this delicious German cake literally means “bee sting”? That doesn’t sound like something you would want to have in your mouth. But trust us, after tasting the cake, you will want more!


In case you haven’t noticed; the Dutch cuisine is all about fried snacks! The Dutch themselves did however not invent bitterballen. During the occupation of the Spaniards in the Eighty Years’ War, the Spaniards experimented with local ingredients to replicate their beloved tapas.

Join us on 17th March during the next Games from Around the World (GAW) by signing up on to discover more about how connected we are through food that cuts across cultures and generations!

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