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The Sydney school that’s opened its doors to refugee Mums and Dads

Title: The Sydney school that’s opened its doors to refugee Mums and Dads

Type: Project (ongoing)

Location: Australia

Name of Responsible Persons:


Date: December 7, 2017

The article discusses the Parents Café Fairfield Inc, formed by NSW’s Fairfield High School, to provide a platform for refugee parents to reconnect with other refugee parents who share the same challenges and carry the same rich history and cultural backgrounds that would otherwise be lost in the many processes of re-settlement.

The initiative assists the refugee parents to bond with other refugee parents, to gain essential skills that are required for smooth integration into the host country, such as welfare assistance, excursion to local services etc. One of the key pillars of the service is the Community Kitchen, where the participants are introduced to culturally different dishes. The other pillar of this service is the social enterprise catering business which has not only economically empowered the refugee parents, but also gave them a platform to promote their cuisine and culture in the host society.

Given the success of the Parents Café, 12 other schools are replicating this model across NSW, fashioning the service to meet their own community’s needs and cultural make-up.Follow this link for more information.

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