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Afghan Refugees in India: A Case Study on Enterprise.

Title: Afghan refugees in India: A Case Study on Enterprise.

Type: Article

Location: Delhi,India

Name of Responsible Persons:

Source: The Borgen Project (Blog)

Date: 16 Dec 2016

The article argues how the refugees can contribute to the host community, and socio-culturally integrate themselves by adding diversity to the host community. The case study highlighted to foster this argument is that of Afghan refugees in Delhi, India. The article mentions the example of Ilham, a catering startup by Afghan refugee women which not only serves the consumers with Afghan cuisine, but has also provided financial empowerment and emotional well-being for the founders.

Afghan food restaurants across Delhi have developed a demand for Afghan cuisine in Delhi, which is proving to be beneficial for both the locals and the refugees. Furthermore, the author argues “The Afghan-Indian experience bears testament to the possibility of a harmonious integration and cultural exchange.”

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