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"You can go beyond the sky. There is nothing you can't do as a refugee..."

Our first #IntegrationChatRoom event on Wednesday brought together many different people from all segments of the community!

We shared our experiences working in the Dutch labour market, how to overcome the obstacles we might face when experiencing cultural differences and learnt about the Syrian situation from first hand!

At the end of the event we shared an amazing multicultural dinner when all of our attendees could chat in a relaxed and safe environment...

We had a brilliant time and learnt a lot, and we all hope from our hearts that you have also enjoyed the event!

As a closing remark and advice from the event:

"Never miss an activity! Also, if you know someone, who knows someone - that can be your opportunity!" Thank you She Matters, Sofie Ovaa, Alain Nkirikuye, Shahira Sharaf and Ahmad Saleh for your wonderful contributions! Don't forget to check out our Twitter where you can find some more quotes and advises from the event!

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